Constant Tone & Dynamics

by Neal

Challenge #7: Constant Tone & Dynamics

Submission Deadline: June 22, 2013

Play one G whole note on your saxophone with as consistent tone and dynamics as possible.

Play the whole note as if the tempo is around 60 bpm, so the note should last for about four seconds. Slightly longer or shorter is fine.

You can use the metronome to get an idea of the tempo, but don’t actually have it on when you play the note. Rhythmic accuracy isn’t the focus of this challenge.

Do not have the metronome on when you record the challenge.

Read this lesson about tempo if you would like to learn a little more, Rhythm and Tempo Mysticism


Avoid false starts, sforzandos, crescendos, decrescendos, any sort of change in tone or dynamics.

Play a constant note.

Your recording should have only one note, played once.


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