Here are steps to go through systematically.

The idea is to build a foundation in terms of technique, rhythm, tone, and command of notes. Regardless of the style of music you want to play, those things will be important.

There will be some songs that you work on to focus on different things, the most important early on being rhythm. You will be trained to listen carefully. If you are learning a few measures of a song, you want those measures to sound right before moving on. Using a similar approach to learning any piece of music will be helpful.

You will continue to work on the motion of the fingers for some time as well as rhythm. Later you will work on things like vibrato, phrasing, more learning of music by ear, and more.

First things

You will start by introducing yourself and giving us an idea of what you sound like.

After that, one of the first technical things to work on is the motion of the fingers since they affect rhythm and tone.

Introducing the ‘Lindeman’ from Henry Lindeman. Which will help you get control of your fingers. Your fingers affect every aspect of your playing.

You will send an initial recording so I have an idea of what you sound like. Introducing yourself on the instrument so to say.

Complete the first four steps and then I will either let you move on or give you suggestions.

After the first four steps, you can also work on the challenges that have been added. They will provide a variety of things to work on and something to check out in addition to the steps. It is required that you complete the first four steps before getting feedback on them though.

>>Steps 1-4

>>Steps 5 – 7

>>Steps 8 – 12

>>Steps 13 -16

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