sax_man_frog_pond_painting_jIf you need a refresher on any of the fingerings (and alternate fingerings) check out the Saxophone Fingering Chart

Knowing Major Scales will also help you play a lot more music easily.  If you have learned a few and can play them comfortably, try playing those that are less familiar.  Use them to play music.  You can play a ton of music just by knowing a C major scale.

Working on technique will make everything you play better, so check out the Lindeman exercise.  To be honest, it’s not that much fun.  But if you spend a few minutes on it everyday, it will change how you play.

Don’t worry about altissimo in the beginning stages.

DO learn tunes you like.  I would recommend you get a method book.

Here are a couple tunes that I used in the book I put together.

Twinkle Twinkle (PDF, right click and save as)

twinkle_twinkle_alto (mp3, right click and save as)

twinkle_twinkle_tenor (mp3, right click and save as)

Loch Lomond (PDF, right click and save as)

Slow recording on tenor, tenor.  saxophone_tribe_loch_lomond_slow_tenor (mp3, right click and save as)

Faster recording on tenor. saxophone_tribe_loch_lomond_tempo_tenor (mp3, right click and save as)

And send some recordings my way to get some feedback!


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