Careless Whisper Critique, Doug

Here is a sample of what I just recorded so go at it.

Decided to do a video critique this time, let me know if that seems to work better than the images/text on the page with downloadable recordings and if you have any suggestions!

First thing I noticed was that there is some ‘clipping’ going on.  Basically that means you were a little bit too close to the microphone when you recorded, there was a little too much volume for it to handle, so the sound gets a bit distorted.

Hi Neal,

Thanks for getting back to me on the recording I sent to you. I recorded it with my Ipad and I now have a mic that I will try with my other computer and see if it sounds any better.

The one thing I am trying to work on is keeping my fingers on the keys and not letting them fly around as you so aptly put it which I can see is much better to not learn any bad habits. Right now I am practicing every day about 1 hour.

Thanks for your feed back and have a great day.

Hey Doug,
Try out the mic and see how it goes, the ipad probably would work a little better with a bit more distance between it and the sax.

Hi Neal,

I tried another recording of Careless Whisper which I did this morning with a mike and further away, and I believe it is better. I will let you be the judge of that though! I am going to start working on the long tones also. I feel like I am making progress after 6 weeks and am enjoying what I am learning.


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KT August 12, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Doug is going for it! Great.

Neal, I like this new format. Your comments ran by a wee bit too fast for me to read at times.

The visuals are a great help. I started recorded on my iPad a few weeks ago to use those visuals to critique myself and try again. Circling areas related to your comments helps me.

I have the same issues with breathe. Beginner book had breathe marks..most of my other sheet music doesn’t.
Thanks, Doug . Your recording and critique helped me.


Neal August 12, 2012 at 7:12 pm

Thanks Kate,
Just slowed down the comments a bit and uploaded a new version of the video based on your feedback.

Yep, beginning books include the breath marks, but basically you learn to breathe in the right spots based on the phrasing. And some point may be able to play longer with a single breath of course. Sonny Rollins doesn’t quite have the same lung capacity he used to, but he still sounds great. You do want to choose places to breathe that don’t interrupt the music.


Mike Solomon August 12, 2012 at 4:14 pm

I like it. I wasn’t expecting such a thorough critique, but it’s great! I’m going to have to watch the clipping myself and use my laptop instead of my phone to record.


Neal August 12, 2012 at 7:14 pm

Thanks Mike,
Doug sent in the first version and then worked on it based on the first set of recommendations, so I figured I would go even farther.

In terms of clipping, you’re probably better off with your laptop instead of your phone, but you can get clipping with whatever recording device you use if you’re not careful. Some programs you use for recording will actually display the decibel levels and if you’re exceeding them, others won’t. But it’s pretty clear once you hear the recording.


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