Becoming Comfortable in New Keys

Step 1: Name your goal. Play music with upto three sharps and three flats
Step 2: List what you’ll do. One thing use level 2 and 3 music song books.
Step 3: List how you intend to do it. play songs with as much four sharps and flats.
Step 4: List how much time you’ll spend on it daily and multiply that by 7 days
1 hour x 7 days for 7 hour per week average.
Step 5: What resources you have/ What help or information you need. have music song books, metronome/need to explore more music books as progress.
Step 6: Start date/finish date.

start 10/20/12 Finnish 10/27/12

Sam Golden


Hey Sam,
Great idea to work on songs in different keys. Gives you context more than just a scale does.


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