hawaii_path_Painting“Those who are at a similar level of development could perhaps profit from a
closer exchange.”

Had been thinking about this for a little while. Saxophone Tribe grows larger and often times you’ll be able to learn a lot from the experiences of other members.

Probably  three main categories of saxophone students are here, those playing less than a year, playing for a few years, and those returning to saxophone after playing before.

In different situations, different questions arise. Someone starting off might not be sure how to approach something like alternate fingerings or a warmup routine. Someone playing for a few years or returning might have bad habits that they have developed which wouldn’t have become habit yet for a beginning player.

Path #1- KT

KT had been teaching herself for about 6 months before joining, but ran into some obstacles. KT has worked through all the steps for the red and orange statue #1 and has been in Saxophone Tribe for six months now.

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